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Pellergy LLC, is a Vermont owned and locally operated company that is dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and sale of wood pellet heating systems.  Pellergy started in 2006 as a manufacturer of conversion pellet burners, pellet boilers and bulk-storage units, providing home heating contractors with an alternative to fossil fuel heating.

Today, Pellergy has teamed with one of Europe’s premier wood pellet boiler manufacturers in Austria and imports a private labeled, fully automated wood pellet boiler: The Pellergy Alpha.  The Pellergy Alpha wood pellet boilers represent the latest in pellet boiler technology: They’re Automated Wood Heat.

Pellergy trains local home-heating companies’ technicians to install and service wood pellet central heating systems and supports them with, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, live-person technical support. We have a readily accessible team of technical experts that know every aspect of our system. Pellergy assists with the initial setup of the system, troubleshooting and routine maintenance whenever questions may arise. Because there is very little standardization in today’s wood pellet home-heating world installers are trained to meet customers’ frequent need for a custom, or semi-custom design. Pellergy’s factory-trained-and-certified installers, must have all the required state or municipal licenses.

“Local” is the watchword. Pellergy’s wood pellet heating systems enable home and business owners to choose a heating fuel that comes directly from our northern forests. The wood pellet industry supports U.S. jobs in many fields: forest management, logging, equipment and pellet manufacturing, pellet retailing and delivery, and equipment installation and maintenance.

Pellergy’s wood pellet heating systems are Underwriters Laboratories–approved and have undergone real-world testing for the last fifteen years. Pellergy systems are approved by homeowner’s-insurance companies, pre-approval by mortgage lenders. and—a real bonus—wood pellet heating systems qualify for federal (and often state) tax credits and local rebate programs that promote Automated Wood Heating.

If you are interested in becoming a certified partner or have questions please contact us.

Pellergy maintains both a facebook page and Flickr page with photos of installations of our systems.