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storagecutaway01You may already be using standard 40-pound bags to feed your furnace or pellet stove manually. If you’re tired of feeding your appliance every day or two and hauling heavy bags, you can switch to a fully automated wood pellet boiler with bulk storage. Bulk storage units are part of a system that automatically feeds wood pellets from the hopper into your boiler—so you don’t have to do all that extra labor.

There are storage solutions—from small hoppers to bulk bins to outdoor silos—that can accommodate every homeowner’s heating and storage needs. The units can fit into available space in your basement or utility room or even outdoors. The storage solution you choose depends on how big your heating task is, your budget, available space and your personality (do want a system that’s automated, or do you want to be hands-on?).

Bulk storage makes using wood pellets more convenient. You won’t need to rip open countless plastic bags and dump them into the hopper of your boiler/furnace. There’s no hauling, no plastic-bag waste, and the pellets won’t break down due to handling. What’s more, it’s nearly dust-free because the bulk-storage container is sealed.

Check out all your wood pellet storage options.