Ag Silos for Wood Pellet Storage

Pellergy does not manufacture our own line of silos, but we do manufacture and sell the augers and motors specifically designed for wood pellet conveyance. In order to minimize dust and fines, wood pellets need to be handled more carefully than other ag products. Pellergy recommends and has worked with Farmer Boy Ag Systems, but please contact us when you are ready to order the equipment to connect your silo to your heating equipment.  Our experienced staff will assist you in specifying the proper options for your storage bin to ensure proper functionality.

Additionally, Pellergy’s Hybrid Steel/Fabric bulk wood pellet storage bins can be placed outside the habitable structure provided they are covered and not exposed to the elements of rain, snow, sleet, etc.  These bins need to be in an enclosed environment such as a garage, shed or barn.

wood pellet silo wood pellet silo
wood pellet silo

An exterior silo installed outside a greenhouse The boiler is fed directly from the silo using the standard Pellergy auger. The exterior silo is filled directly from a bulk wood pellet delivery truck using a 4” flexible delivery hose or a standard auger truck and has a capacity of 4.5-Tons.