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Getting an affordable wood pellet central heating system into your home requires two conditions to be met.  You’ll need a certified installer, and a source for pellets (bulk or bagged.)   Here we will tell you how you can get it done anywhere in the US whether your a homeowner or heating professional.

Part a – Installer

First, Pellergy systems are only sold through our factory-trained, certified installers.  We are currently working to expand our network of certified installers.  If your a heating professional and would like to install Pellergy products please sign up for a training.

If you are a homeowner or business owner seeking to install a wood pellet heating system at your location, please  drop us a line and we will try our best to set you up with your local Pellergy Certified Installer.  If none are available, you can use the same form for tell us about innovative heating contractors on your area.  We will contact them and invite them to receive Pellergy’s free factory training.

There are plenty of heating contractors, but let’s face it, in every industry there are two kinds of personalities—the ones invested in the status quo, and the ones who understand that change is to be welcomed.  We are looking for oil companies or independent plumbing/heating contractors that are innovative and understands how to adapt to change.  When you find one, have them contact us.

Part b – Wood Pellet Supply

The second piece of the puzzle is a reliable supply of wood pellets.

Bulk truck delivers for wood pellet central heating

Bulk wood pellet delivery provides the same level of convenience as an oil system, but in some communities bulk delivery is not yet an option.  As more homes are converted to wood pellet central heating it will become more attractive for bulk wood pellet delivery companies to engage in your area.  Until the industry grows in your region bagged pellets are the only option for switching to wood pellet central heating.  Pellergy has anticipated the need to bridge this gap and manufactures a 550lb hopper that is made to hold pellets from bags.  Once filled the hopper holds enough pellets to last about 10 days of hands-off, thermostat-controlled heating.

Pellergys 550lb. working hopper holds enough pellets for about 10 days of hands-off wood pellet central heating

You can find bagged pellets at a local farm store or even big box stores.  These are typically delivered on pallets by the ton and stored in any dry location.  Sometimes the homeowner is responsible to load the hopper, but this could be part of your service contract with your heating professional.  That contract also typically includes includes clean out service since wood pellets require more frequent cleaning than oil.  We’ve also seen instances where clean out and loading of the hopper is done by:

  • maintenance staff,
  • property manager,
  • handy man,
  • tenant,
  • neighbor, or
  • chimney sweep.

One of these options will likely be very affordable given the savings you will realize from heating with wood pellets compared with oil.

Pallets of bagged pellets delivered by truck for wood pellet central heating

Take Action

Switching from fossil fuels to wood pellets is all about sharing information and building community.  Reach out to your community and share this page with your friends.  Start by finding a local installer and pellet supply, and let us know how we can help.