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Credit: Biomass Magazine

Now you can choose a wood pellet central heating system that’s completely automated and environmentally friendly while you save on home heating bills year after year.

Just like your oil central heating system, wood pellet heating systems work with the thermostat and all the other components already installed in your home whether you have hydronic (water baseboard) or forced hot air.  An automated ignition system will only burn pellets when there is a demand for heat.

The main feature of these new wood pellet heating systems is that it can be fully automated—a customer can “set it and forget it.”  Instead of 40-pound bags, bulk wood pellets are trucked to the home and then blown into a 4-week storage bin through a 75’ pneumatic hose—similar to the once-a-month visit from your oil company.

The boiler and storage system is installed by factory-trained, certified heating-system professionals. They are generally heating technicians employed by your local, trusted, reliable oil-delivery company that already services you home and understands your heating needs. These installers are required to have a background in hydronic heating systems, boiler repair, and boiler stabilization. The system is safe, reliable and has undergone years of rigorous real-world testing.   It meets UL requirements and is even pre-approved for financing and the many state rebate incentives.

The wood pellets are locally sourced, renewable, clean-burning, carbon-neutral, stably priced, and abundant.  Transportation costs and environmental impacts are also lessened as there are many local mills in the Northeast making wood pellets from the pulp excess of conventional lumber milling operations.

If you heat your home with a cord-wood boiler and are tired of cutting, splitting and stacking wood, you can easily fire your boiler with wood pellets.

Wood pellet heating supports local jobs in manufacturing, delivery, installation and service, not to mention all the ancillary materials and services that go into new, high-tech wood pellet heating systems.