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Pellergy’s flexible wood pellet auger systems are modified from the flexible auger technology used in the agricultural industry and are optimized for wood pellet use. Pellergy’s main auger is used to transfer and meter pellets from the working hopper or bulk bin directly to the Boiler.  The system is designed with innovative safety features; these features would prevent the wood pellets in storage from igniting if the boiler or furnace vent system should fail.

The Pellergy auger system is robust. The auger is not susceptible to binding and jamming from fines like other pellet stove augers. The Pellergy flexible wood pellet auger has been designed to provide years of trouble-free operation even if the pellet quality suffers.

In addition to Pellergy’s metering auger, Pellergy also provides bulk hopper auger systems which automatically convey wood pellets from a remote bulk wood pellet storage unit into a working hopper or container.