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Pellergy LLC has teamed up with Austrian boiler manufacturer Windhager to assist in offering their Commercial Series of wood pellet boiler systems.  Pellergy offers these systems for hydronic installations from 119,000 btu/hr up to cascade systems exceeding 800,000 btu/hr.  Commercial and Industrial installations involve a team of experts evaluating the requirements and engineering a solution to meet the heating demands of the customer.  Pellergy experts will work with mechanical engineering firms, architects and building operational staff to provide a pellet heat solution.  Pellergy can supply the pellet storage and handling, boilers, as well as a number of options to meet local, state and federal requirements.  Additionally, Pellergy and our Certified Dealers will train operations staff on the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the system.  This is all backed by Pellergy’s 24-7 technical support commitment to our installers.

The Windhager Excel boiler supplied and supported by Pellergy staff and trained installers represents the latest in advanced pellet heating technologies for high use customers.  The expanded ash collection system requires maintenance once every 4-6 tons of pellets.  Additionally, the system incorporates the most advanced burn pot cleaning mechanism of any pellet boiler on the market while keeping with the Windhager design principals of simple, elegant design.

All Windhager boiler pressure vessels are Certified to EN 303-5 and have a track record of providing low cost, lower maintenance pellet heating to schools, colleges, municipal buildings, industrial process and other commercial applications.

A brochure on the Windhager BioWIN XL boilers by Pellergy can be downloaded here: BioWIN XL Brochure

Sizes vary and options are many.  Contact Pellergy today for assistance in getting your Commercial pellet heating system quoted.Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.31.49 PM