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How to Choose a Wood Pellet Boiler

By June 15, 2015June 18th, 2015No Comments

In this video series, Pellergy Engineers take you behind the slick jacket and gee-whiz interface to explain the critical components you should be comparing when choosing a wood pellet boiler. It is a decision you will live with for the next 25 years. A well-built Wood Pellet Boiler will save you over $100,000, but a cheap system will cost you.
(Video run time 0:48)

Part 1: Auger (0:25)

Part 2: Burn Pot (0:40)

Part 3: Ignitor (0:26)

Part 4: Blower/Fan (0:22)

Part 5: Controls and Sensors (0:39)

The world of modern high-efficiency modulating wood pellet boiler controls can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Most pellet boilers can be connected to the Internet so you can keep any eye on things, but a boiler that is performing well will not need constant remote adjustments.

Finally, we place a high value on simplicity of controls. We don’t use oxygen or optical flame sensors that are prone to fouling and failing.

So there it is…
– rugged auger motor
– high-quality burn pot
– robust ignition system
– solid combustion / exhaust fan
– simple controls

Those are the critical components you’ll want to compare for this 25-year investment in your winter comfort.